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What is Natural Wine?

You have probably been hearing the term “natural wine” thrown around the bar these days. Like many of the buzzwords that float around the food & beverage world, the term “natural wine” might just sound like a cheap marketing term.

It’s no surprise that many people still don’t know how to answer the question “what is natural wine?” Read on…

5 Of The Best Natural Wines For 2023

It has been delightful to get back into drinking wine after being pregnant for the majority of 2021, when I abstained from imbibing.

My return to wine has been fun, and I thought I’d share the best natural wines that I drank in the past year that would get your 2023 on the right foot. Read on…

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7 Cool Facts About Wine

Wine is incredibly complex and garners so much attention because, quite frankly, its earned it. Let’s take a look at some fun facts about wine to understand why so many people love wine. Read on…

Wine Education Resources; 4 Excellent Choices

The Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET) is a 53-year-old program that is world renowned and globally recognized. I actually received my Level 2 certification (with distinction) from WSET in 2020 when I found myself with a lot of down time and wanted to prepare myself as the owner of Más Allá Wines. Read on…

3 Reasons Why We Make Low Intervention Wines

We love our history here at Más Allá Wines. If you’ve read a bit about the history of our name, you can get a sense that we have a respect for the past. 

We knew little about the wine-making process–let alone about low intervention wines–when my husband and I first began dipping our toes into the wine world. Read on…


to the Más Allá Wines Blog where owner, Cleo, will share some of her growing wine knowledge, musings, and more. Cleo is a former high school English teacher turned natural winery owner, and she also carries a WSET 2 certification with distinction.

Her love and passion for wine–especially natural wine– is what inspired her to start Más Allá, but she can’t shake her educator background. Cleo hopes you see this blog as more than just “another wine blog.”

This blog is intended to be a fun and light-hearted space to share what Cleo learns about wine with her audience. If she has helped you cultivate a love of wine through her words (and her wine), then she has done her job…and then some.

In following this blog, you may learn more about a winery in California, Oregon, Lebanon, or beyond. You may pick up tips about some good red wines (Cleo’s fave). She may even answer questions you might have like “where did wine originate?” or “how can I find local wineries near me?”

Have a specific question about wine? Feel free to contact Cleo and she will do her best to get you the answer. Yes, really.

To receive updates of each post straight to your inbox, join the Más Allá newsletter. In addition to blog updates, you’ll also receive news about our wine, upcoming events, deals, and more.

Read on to go “más allá” with your wine knowledge.

Cheers and happy reading.

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About the Author

Cleo de la Torre is the owner of Más Allá Wines. She is also a mother and former high school English teacher. She taught for several years before she and her husband, Jordan, took a wild leap into the wine world. She loves wine and its rich history, and much of her love is explored and explained through her blog. It’s certainly more than another wine blog.

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