The Book

Kahlil Gibran published “The Prophet” in 1923 and saw immediate success, but its real popularity came after his death. It remains popular today, providing insight and spiritual significance to ordinary human experiences. Gibran poetically addresses topics such as “Love” and “Marriage” as well as more mundane ones like “Work” and “Talking.” Gibran’s “spiritual fiction” does not shy away from deeper aspects of human life, either. Almustafa, the prophet, speaks also about “Good and Evil”, “Joy and Sorrow”, and even “Death.”

The Wine

Is there a drink than conjures up philosophical thoughts more than wine? I know it has certainly had that effect on me. As we revel in Gibran’s poetic philosophy this month, we will be sipping on some Lebanese wines to help us go a little “further beyond.” 

First up, is a wine featuring an indigenous Lebanese grape (Merwah) from the first winery to showcase the white grape, Chateau Ksara. This light-bodied, low acid white wine is mild and inviting to all palates and pairs beautifully with Lebanese staples like tabbouleh salad and chicken kabobs.

Next, we have a natural sparkling rosé from an up-and-coming Lebanese winery, Mersel Wines. They used Sangiovese grapes and the pétillan naturel method–or “Pét Nat”–to make this ruby red rosé aptly named the “Leb Nat.” Give this bottle a chill and pop it to pair with your lamb shawarma to soak up every last ounce of summer we have left.

Lastly, we have a bold red blend from the famous Chateau Musar. This winery planted its first vines from Bordeaux back in 1930 and has put Lebanon’s name on the wine map ever since. Chateau Musar’s luscious red blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Carignan, and Cinsaut. This trinity of grapes makes for a perfect balance of fruit, acid, and body, which pairs quite well with contemplative thought…and a nice spiced leg of lamb.

Cheers and happy reading!

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